Technical Supplier Advisory Board (T-SAB)

The ONF board has created an engagement model for supply-chain partners to work with operators and ONF. The new engagement model allows for ONF supplier members to engage directly with operator groups in the definition of open, modular solutions that can be realized through requisite project opensource development and integration through exemplar platforms and implementation streams.

Technical Supplier Advisory Board (T-SAB) members are fully integrated in the teams that represent the key priorities of the ONF TLT (Technical Leadership Team). The T-SAB enables Supplier Partners’ technical leadership to advise and influence the TLT and RDTs, thereby increasing the adoption and implementation of ONF artifacts, such as components, exemplary platforms, into network deployable solutions.

Eduard Scheiterer

SVP Engineering

Marco Naveda

Principal, Office of the CTO

Christian Maciocco

Research Scientist

Prakash Siva

VP, Global Business Development

Manish Mangal

CTO, Network